Pharmacy Sales ETC (HCMC)

* Work Location:

* Mission:
- Pharmaceutical Marketing, introduces the company's treatment medications to the doctor, pharmacist at the hospital, pharmacy, clinic, in the assigned area.
- Provide scientific information about drugs to doctors.
- Build relationships and company image to Medical Doctor.
- Plan the province and increase government revenue.
- Report of work, market analysis and offer solutions sales.
- Ensure regional sales charge
- Develop and caring relationships with a team of Medical Doctors in the areas assigned.
* Right:
- Income (good) = Salary + Bonus + Allowance under sales.
- Insurance System under the Labor Code.
- Enabling employees to learn and develop the ability to thoroughly ourselves through the company's training.
- Considering the needs of the Company and the ability of staff to support the short-term course or
Long-term employees.
- Professional working environment, friendly.

* Your Expertise
- Applicants must have graduated from pharmacy Intermediate upwards.
- Candidates with experience in the field of pharmacy.
- The candidates outside the pharmacy college degree or higher.
- Ages 25 and older.
- Appearance visible, clear voice, easy listening.
- Communication skills, persuading, negotiating and building relationships (core competencies required of candidates).
- Ability to solve problems
- Task management skills, assertiveness at work.
- Ability to plan and implement.
- Resistant to pressure of work, is responsible for the work assigned.
- A positive attitude to work, do not give up, nothing is impossible.

- Job application
- Curriculum vitae
- ID
- Household
- Qualifications (if any)

Deadline: 03/31/2016