PRENATAL FORMULA - multivitamins for pregnant women of America's products fully complement of nutrients is recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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PRENATAL FORMULA - multivitamins for pregnant women of America.
Additional products will be full of nutrients is recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers. With just one pill a day, you will be assured and willing to wait the best thing for the love and yourself.

Why PRENATAL FORMULA top choice?
Folic Acid for the development of the brain and nervous system
Nature's Blend - Prenatal FORMULA is a synthesis of 23 important vitamins and minerals along with Folic Acid necessary to enhance the development of the nervous system of the fetus and the mother's health during pregnancy.

You should know that folic acid plays an important role in preventing neural tube defects caused numerous skull, brain herniation - meninges, cleft spine, spina bifida spine and increases the risk of heart defect expenditures, urinary, cleft lip, cleft palate ... and may help reduce the risk of babies with brain or spinal cord defects.
Fetal neural tube is formed in the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, so the addition of folic acid is very important in this period.

DHA - essential nutrients for the development of the fetus

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in brain development, especially of the fetus and newborn. The mother will put DHA directly to the fetus in order to foster the development of brain and retina (eye) of the baby. Some research indicates that DHA supplementation during pregnancy will help to strengthen the intelligence, consciousness and daily activities of infants and young children.
Surely most mothers have known omega-3 fatty acids with effect helps brain development of infants and young children. Not only good for the brain to which DHA with anti-inflammatory properties also promote the recovery of the mother after birth too. That's why you need to have 2nd Nature's Blend drink immediately - Prenatal FORMULA.

Ironman proved to be a very important component because it helps your baby develop physically and energy. Iron plays an important role in the transport of oxygen in the blood. Full-term newborns with weight standards will have enough iron content in the first 6 months of life. Iron supplementation is essential for pregnant women.

Calcium and Vitamin D compounds are quite familiar, plays an essential role in bone development of both mother and baby. Any stage, including during pregnancy, the mother needs to provide sufficient calcium to the body. However, calcium supplementation is not sufficient that the body also needs vitamin D because this vitamin is essential for calcium absorption in the body. Calcium and Vitamin D supplements for babies in the womb is the best way to prepare for the baby to have a solid skeleton after birth, prevent rickets and create prerequisites for the development of heights in the future.


How to use:
Additional vitamins, DHA and essential minerals to promote health for pregnant women prepare, pregnant and breastfeeding, help develop healthy fetus
1 full member for maternity / day. Just 1 capsule Prenatal Formula pregnant women do not need to take any other additional components.
Note: Products are not drugs, not effective alternative medicines

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