Omega 3 1000mg with Coenzyme Q10 50mg and Vitamin E 35 IU

• Helps maintain cardiovascular health.
• Provide effective nutrients prevent cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, coronary artery ...

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OMEGA-3 50mg CoQ10 helps maintain heart health. This product provides nutrients effective prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, coronary artery ...

Functional foods: CO-Q10 50mg Omega-3 has been granted a certificate of conformity specified food safety in Vietnam.
Persons aged 18 and older.

• Use every day 02 times, each 01 members.
NOTE: This product is not a medicine and replacing ineffective medicines.

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Vitamin E: Atherosclerosis is caused by the higher fat ingredients harmful LDL cholesterol and reduced-fat component of HDL-cholesterol is protective. LDL-cholesterol oxidation phenomenon with important contribution in creating plaque. Anti-oxidizing phenomenon will slow the progress of atherosclerosis, the means has contributed to reducing the death rate from heart disease mach.Nhung recent study showed that vitamin E involved in oxidation causing atherosclerosis. A study in Cambridge (UK) showed that when high doses of vitamin E (400-800 IU / day) in patients with coronary artery narrowed by atherosclerosis, after 200 days, the risk of drug infarction 77% decrease in heart disease and other cardiovascular risk fell 47%.
Coenzyme Q10: Coenzyme Q-10 (Co Q-10) is a vitamin-like substance found throughout the body, especially the heart, liver, kidney, and pancreas. There are small amounts in meats and seafood. CoQ10 is an antioxidant that is produced in the human body, necessary for the functioning of basic cells. CoQ10 concentrations decrease with age and may be lower in people with cancer, genetic disorders, diabetes, heart disease, HIV / AIDS, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson's disease. Some prescription drugs can also reduce the concentration of CoQ10.
Antioxidants counteract damaging agents in the body known as free radicals, which damage cell membranes, tamper with DNA, and even cause cell death. The scientists believe that free radicals contribute to the aging process, as well as a number of health problems, including heart disease and cancer. Antioxidants, such as CoQ10, can neutralize free radicals and reduce or even help prevent some of the damage they cause. Some researchers believe that CoQ10 may help treat heart-related diseases, because it can improve energy production in cells, preventing the formation of blood clots, and acts as a physical Antioxidant.
Omega 3 (fish oil): Fish oil contains two omega-3 fatty acid called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). There is evidence that the recommended amount of DHA and EPA, obtained through fish or fish oil supplements, can lower triglycerides and reduce the risk of heart attack, abnormal heart rhythms, and strokes in people with heart disorders. DHA and EPA are also useful for people suffering from arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure. Similar effects were also detected in ALA, but still need more research on the effects of ALA.
Omega-3 has a stable effect on the heart. They reduce the heart rate and help prevent arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms). Omega-3 DHA and EPA can reduce triglycerides, a blood fat linked to heart disease.
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