Dr.Oberon cosmetics brand is established with an aim to provide solutions to skin problems. With these products have been reported Seoul Vision of creative awards in 2010 and was nominated as the official medical association of women in Korea, we have been building solid foundation for cosmetics production technology functions.


Women are in the stage of pregnancy, postpartum women or teenagers are prone to stretch and that made you so miserable looks miserable to be afraid to communicate with friends, colleagues or lovers, with her husband - Let's listen Lynh Farma experts answer questions cure stretch by stretch marks treatment cream Dr.Oberon and hear from the people share in the offline!

Cream stretch treatment for pregnant women and postpartum Dr.Oberon (Korea)

With a stretch of Dr.Oberon - you will be confident to wear bikinis and fashionable outfits, proud husband walked inside and regain the "fire of love" which is no longer any worry about the skin rift.

Cream stretch of today's best efficiency

Currently on the market there are many stretch mark creams are sold widely, so you should be smart consumers, said choosing the cream of stretch clear origin, reputation, as well as natural ingredients to ensure safety. Lynh Farma will give you the opportunity to reach the stretch creams best current efficiency of the brand reputation, product quality problems as Dr.Oberon Mom's Care Oil Lotion, Dr.Oberon Mom's Care Cream, Body Oil Dr.Oberon Mom's Care


During pregnancy, so do not stretch properly prevented, many women have to wear those ugly stretch marks, loss of confidence, inferiority immensely. But not only with the elected parent and teens are growing, so we are not careful or do not capture the final preparations for his maturation process, also has faced one of the sad truth is that skin fractured by large so fast that your skin and you are not prepared for the sudden change

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