Fix stretch regain the confidence

Motherhood is the vocation and the happiness of every woman. However, after the journey through labor, in addition to the change in our lives, you also have to deal with the change of the body such as hair loss, pigmentation, weight gain, especially the ugly stretch marks .

Tip relaxing massage with essential oils for pregnant women

Maybe you've never tried massage your abdomen during pregnancy, but this is one method of relieving stress and brings pleasant feeling most effective. Although self-executing or have someone do it for, the massage movements relax and simply follow instructions are good for the mind and body of pregnant mothers.

The skin care in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the beauty of the sisters became more difficult, by the use of cosmetics or inappropriate methods will affect the baby. Here are tips that will help the specialist maternity keep beauty and ensure the baby's health.
Hopefully with a skin care article in pregnancy hope you read can help your skin become smoother during pregnancy offline. Happy pregnant women soon your little angel.


Dr.Oberon know that pregnant women feel cautious learn about the ingredients in the product before use. Understanding this, the brand has studied successful Dr.Oberon formula Charantia Momordica (Left bitter melon) materials are patent number: 10-1229062

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