Stretch marks usually occur due to excessive weight gain in a short time, leaving no time to develop skin to adapt. Connective tissue under the skin to stretch excessively and faults, forming the dimples long, many tributaries look like roots. At first, stretch marks are red, purple, possibly accompanied by itching. Later, they will gradually fade. The skin vulnerable areas are the thighs, abdomen, groin, hip ...
1. The object often stretch
- Pregnant women: often occurs when the fetus is 5-7 months, may also appear from the fourth month.
- Lack of female puberty: rapid weight gain also prone to stretch than other age groups because in addition to weight gain, hormonal changes during this period reduces the elasticity of the skin.
2. How to prevent stretch marks
To prevent stretchmarks, doctors recommend weight control, to avoid gaining weight too fast. If fat tends fast or pregnancy, should actively topical creams stretch when the weight room, ice cream treat pregnancy stretch ... to limit the risk.
3. How to treat stretch
If unfortunately outset forgot prevent stretch by stretch marks treatment creams, lead to stretch marks, you should definitely take advantage of the treatment as soon as possible stretch by stretch marks treatment cream the best. If you suffer from stretch due to the pregnancy, should seek to use these creams stretch marks after giving birth. If you go on the pitch in the treatment of stretch, causing cracks become obnoxious bad patches on the skin smooth, then so chooses stretch creams perennial ...

Also, patience is also an important factor for the treatment of stretch. In prime time to appear, stretch marks are pink or purple, this is a good time to use the product for improved stretch will get faster and better results. After a long time, about 2 years, the cracks will be transitioned to a mature, bright white or silver, this time using time measures to improve the treatment of stretch like cream longtime stretch will longer, requires more perseverance.
Currently on the market there are many stretch mark creams are sold widely, so you should be smart consumers, said choosing the cream of stretch clear origin, reputation, as well as natural ingredients to ensure safety. Lynh Farma will give you the opportunity to reach the stretch creams best current efficiency of the brand reputation, product quality problems such as:

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