Recipes regain smooth skin after birth as the daughter.

These stretch marks present vocation of motherhood, making them happy, but besides that, they leave you, I did not at that woman inferiority, sorrow.

After birth you just enjoy the happiness of motherhood, both suffering from the ugly stretch marks.
After birth, women had barely advantage of a fun happy to be mothers, they were faced with serious degradation of beauty, especially the condition of stretch, dry skin, chapped ... abdomen, thighs, buttocks, even the chest.

According to the dermatology sector showed that about 50% - 70% of women with stretch marks during pregnancy. Even people still call stretch marks is "a symbol of the mother" because of its popularity.

The reason cracked skin during pregnancy is due to the body weight increased dramatically, causing inopportune skin up with the changes, as the connective tissues are composed of collagen and elastin to stretch too much, leading to faults and cracks forming on the skin.
These cracks are white / bruises along on the skin surface, looks patchy, rough, very unattractive. Following that, the appearance of stretch also comes with saggy skin condition, loose flabby, wrinkled, no firmness.
All these things make you become "I will" and nothing more, and you completely lose confidence in their appearance.

NOT DARE wearing sexy bikini sailing vacation with family though extremely interested.
Discourage parting all the croptop fashion, shorts and dresses young ... sweet sleep
Boring sex life, by your emotions husbands markedly reduced or lost interest when his wife "close".

Did you doomed to figure some will, deep reefs and increasingly faded beauty, while taking back the flat, smooth white, such as maiden lying neatly in his hand?

Treatment with high-tech stretch

Advantage: Stretchmarks laser method is being widely applied in many salons now, eliminates stretch marks quickly, the success rate of up to 80%.
Achilles: However, this method requires implementers to spend a relatively large amount, can cause pain.

Treatment with natural stretch

Advantages: Using natural materials to apply on the skin cracked: olive oil, coconut oil, eggs .... saving cost and highly secure.
Achilles: However, with natural stretch mark treatment ineffective, just help blur the cracks and not be permanently deleted and persistent pressure to not end up quickly in a day or two.

Stretch by stretch marks treatment cream

Advantages: A methodology for effectively blown stretch, safety and cost savings, many people believe the choice.
Achilles: Currently on the market there are many products that contain toxic chemicals, poor quality, do not remove all the skin stretch marks but also do further damage, even dangerous to health.

Ministry of stretch Dr.Oberon products.

Ministry of stretch Dr.Oberon products is one of the products of high-end cosmetics brand Dr.Oberon from Korea, cream stretch Dr.Oberon treatment is intensive research by Dr. Stanley Cohen,
was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine for skin rejuvenation technology EGF (factor epidermal cell growth) makes damage and regenerate skin cells, and materials are patent No. 10-1229062 conjunction advanced production technology and ingredients 100% natural.
Cream stretch Dr.Oberon treatment eliminates and prevents quick stretch, finishing, silky smooth skin, bright white, color uniformity, negligent reefs appear whether you gave birth to 2nd or nth time. This solution is saving skin care, painless, convenient, but using very simple and effective.

Cream stretch of Dr.Oberon - For youthful skin soft like girlhood

Repair Cream Dr.Oberon stretch gently penetrates deep into the skin's surface, providing essential nutrients nourish healthy skin, while stimulating collagen production and elastin, restoring skin cell damage, type dark pigment darkening bay ... bring smooth skin, no trace of stubborn cracks.

Besides, this product line also enhances the elasticity and prevent formation of cracks, anti-aging, significantly reducing sagging condition, less firm skin ... keep forever youthful as ever " through fire ".
Because components entirely from natural, non-toxic chemicals, to treat stretch marks cream Dr.Oberon very benign, does not cause any side effects, absolutely safe for fetal health and small children, in line with all types of skin, penetrates quickly when used, not greasy or oily hiss.

Completely remove the cracked skin.
Preventing stretch marks for pregnant women.
Persistent skin soft and smooth.
Safe for sensitive skin both are during pregnancy.
Gentle scent feels comfortable.

Use cream treat stretch Dr.Oberon how to get the best performance?


Everyday rub 1 time continuous use.
Preservation cool place, avoid sunlight.
If using cream cure Dr.Oberon stretch to prevent stretch marks you should start applying at the turn of the 3rd month of pregnancy and until near birth.

Effectiveness is achieved when using the cream cure stretch Dr.Oberon

With stretch marks treatment cream Dr.Oberon - You will be confident to wear bikinis and fashionable outfits, proud husband walked inside and regain the "fire of love" which is no longer any worry about the cracked skin cracked.

As women you have the right to happiness and pride!

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