How to care for skin during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the beauty of the sisters became more difficult, by the use of cosmetics or inappropriate methods will affect the baby. Here are tips that will help the specialist maternity keep beauty and ensure the baby's health.
How to care for skin cracks
The skin cracks causing the skin to become pregnant Pregnant ugly, makes people depressed, worried about her beauty is severely altered. However, is not no way to solve this problem, often by moisturizing the skin Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Dr.Oberon is extracted from natural medicinal herbs such as bitter melon fruit, olive oils, flower essences pear, pomegranate, sunflower seed oil, medicinal .... These will provide comprehensive skin nutrition and hydration that you are always there to help stretch smooth skin, support collagen formation and helps protect elastin skin and provide rich nutrients for the skin, making skin softer than the red and white skin, using effective for all skin types.

             By moisturizing the skin Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Dr.Oberon

Additional vitamin C
Vitamin C is essential for the health of people as well as for pregnant women. Vitamin is effective in skin collagen production and protect the skin cells to avoid the harmful stimulus from the external environment. In addition, vitamin C is known to use a new skin regeneration and potentially better against oxygen damage. To supplement the body of vitamin C, you can eat more foods containing vitamin C, such as dark green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, ..), with red fruit (melons, strawberries, tomatoes ..), yellow fruits (oranges, melon, ...) ...
Foods rich in vitamin C helps the effective skin care

Additional water
70 countries in the human body weight, humans can tell fasting and could be rather thirsty. Countries indispensable source of energy for the human body, especially for pregnant women. She elected to provide enough 2 liters of water a day to be able to prevent digestive diseases, constipation ... At the same time more water will help the skin to be hydrated enough during pregnancy, the water molecules will provide water supply to the skin. Protects skin from drying assembly, stable structure and help skin younger looking skin, limiting acne, acne bran, eliminated oiliness.
Additional water is a great skin care in pregnancy
Keep the spirit of comfort
Pregnancy often causes psychological state of pregnant women changed much, the anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, often occurs in some women, that is why the skin causes acne usually appears many, many slime ... to avoid this situation, pregnant women need to relax well in pregnancy, always with diet, rest properly, sometimes because their husbands can lightly massage for tension. In addition, pregnant women should also regularly exercise, walking for skin care has always been from many angles.

Skincare complete with mood, funny.
Do not worry offline pregnant women, with a skin care article in pregnancy hope you read can help your skin become smoother during pregnancy offline. Happy pregnant women soon your little angel.