Fix stretch regain the confidence.
Not only faced with postpartum overweight, stretch marks and makes you feel yourself no longer glamorous, less confident.

                       Stretch made only outfits favorite dream forever.

Motherhood is the vocation and the happiness of every woman. However, after the journey through labor, in addition to the change in our lives, you also have to deal with the change of the body such as hair loss, pigmentation, weight gain, especially the ugly stretch marks .

When he married, the majority of women have a good shape and smooth white skin, relaxed their favorite costumes. However, cracks appear on the skin crisscrossed like cloth wrinkled, ugly makes young mothers lose confidence. Sisters often silently find a fix, but after a period of treatment is not effective, people accept to live with it. During trips with colleagues, friends, if other people comfortable bikini area, shorts, shirt, Sister two-wire stretch being closed again to select the furniture, shielding most of the body.
Not only that, many feel themselves less sexy in the eyes of her husband because of the stretch marks. Every time your hands away from the belly, you inevitable guilt and regret about white skin, smooth a time.
The cause of stretch
Stretch marks are a normal expression of the body that anyone can make in the development process. Most women with stretch marks during pregnancy. Because at this stage, the sudden weight gain causes skin structure could not adapt, do fault the collagen and elastin fiber bundles leads to the appearance of stretch marks on the skin areas such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks ... According time, the stretch marks will fade, turn white or silver, and dived shrink wrinkles forming. In fact, the stretch does not affect health but a great impact to the aesthetic makes women lose confidence.

Stretch marks aesthetically impact caused women to lose confidence.
Measures to improve efficiency stretch
Many women have to learn and apply most of methods can improve the stretch marks. The conventional methods such as coconut oil, butter, eggs ... but easy to use but laborious implementation. Other topical creams are oily hiss back sensation, unpleasant greasy but not effective.
Ministry senior product Dr.Oberon stretch - extract 100% natural rugs drop deep into the skin, support collagen regeneration, increase skin elasticity thus helping to improve the color, reduce the size and the number of cracks. Products Dr.Oberon 3 WITHOUT: Parabens NO / NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS / NOT FLAVOUR.

Along goodbye Dr.Oberon stretch, to regain confidence in life.
Women are always willing to devote the time, sacrificing health, beauty and good care for their children. However, this does not mean that you neglect yourself, live with stretch marks. Ministry senior product support and treatment Dr.Oberon stretch, returned to the women looks confident after making motherhood.
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